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Tasty, beautiful dried fruit "candies"

Know someone who is staying away from candy but would love a pretty little treat? These dried fruit "candies" don't disappoint.

Disclosure: I received a box of these dried fruit "candies" free and unsolicited from Laumiere Gourmet Fruits. There was no expectation of a review in exchange and all opinions are my own. I receive no compensation for reviewing this product nor any payment for purchases made through the links provided here.

How do Laumiere's dried fruits taste?

I didn't know what to expect from these at all, but I was pleasantly surprised—as were both my children and my husband! I adore dried fruit, but I wasn't sure about the ingredient combinations featured in this "Superfood Parfait Collection" (and I do NOT like the whole "superfood" marketing gimmick thing—I think most all foods are super and there is nothing magical about particular fruits or seeds.)

Anyway, back to the dried fruit ...This box contains 4 different types of dried fruit treats: Matcha Quinoa Energy bites, Apricot Flax Seeds Petite, Dates with Pecan and Chia Melange, and Berry Acai Figs. In truth, both the texture and taste of these were wonderful. They were perfectly moist but not overly sticky, and they certainly were not stale-tasting or tough to chew like some dried fruit can be. The nuts and seeds provide some textural contrast to the fruits, as well as being decorative. My favorite combo in the box of 16 was the Dates with Pecan and Chia Melange—the ones that look like a little flower (so cute!).

Other things to know about Laumiere's dried fruit "candies"?

According to product literature that came with the box, as well as their website, all of Laumiere's dried fruit products are free from added sugar, preservatives and artificial flavors. They are also gluten-free, vegetarian and Kosher certified, according to their website and packaging. Once opened, it's suggested that you store them in the refrigerator (I did not but they seemed fine to me) and eat them within two weeks (we had ours for 3 weeks, and at that point they were not quite as good as when I first received them (starting to dry out a bit), but still totally edible).

Where to purchase Laumiere's dried fruit "candies"

My box was shipped from Amazon, although the Laumiere Gourmet Fruits website has a more extensive selection of their products and some different gift box options. As a hand-produced item, these are not exactly inexpensive, but then again, good -quality dried fruit is never cheap. Prices range from about $35 for a 16-piece box, to $48 for a 24-piece box. All are nicely packaged and there are multiple collections to choose from.

I can see these lovely little fruit candies being a welcome gift for someone who is staying away from added sugars yet still wants a special little something every once in a while.


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