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Eating Habits Lab

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Where you finally create and sustain your best eating habits

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Are you ready to make a change to your eating habits?

Maybe you already know what you want or need to be doing

nutritionally with your diet, but you just aren't getting it done?

The Eating Habits Lab is for you if you're  looking for a customized program that helps you create sustainable, realistic eating habits.

It's time to put aside the cookie-cutter diets and super-restrictive programs and finally create eating habits that work for you and your life. 


Combining expert techniques, science-based methods and elements of mindful eating and habits creation, the Eating Habits Lab programs will guide you through the steps needed to take control of your eating habits and set up systems that will allow you to stick to those habits for the rest of your life. I created the EAT formula specifically for people who are tired of depending on motivation and willpower to help them eat better. There is a much more effective way—by focusing on your habits—and I'd be honored to be your coach through the process.

Reach out to me for more information about the Eating Habits Lab programs, and other ways to work with me.

What past clients are saying...

Jennifer B.

Kitty gently takes you through the  concepts and materials; I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey.

Rebecca H.

The process empowers you to change your relationship with food, and it gives you the tools to accomplish your goals—as well as relevant information and theory.

Kelly M.

Although we talk about very personal feelings during coaching, the environment was welcoming and comfortable. I looked forward to knowing I would feel good each time I participated in group coaching.

Paula B.

No gimmicky diets or self-hate here; I've tried that and failed in the past. This group has helped me realize that eating in a healthy way doesn't have to be a daily nightmare!

Eating Habits Coaching

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I have transitioned to virtual group instruction and coaching for mindful eating and eating habit change.

If you are interested in small-group or individual Zoom-based instruction or coaching, please click the button below.

Also, check out my new, free community on Facebook called Eating Habits Lab. We work on cultivating sane and sustainable eating habits using research-based strategies tailored to the individual. Join us in the Eating Habits Lab FB Group today!

2022 Coaching and Classes

Online Meeting

Are you ready to ditch the diets and finally learn how to nourish yourself?

You're not alone! So many people want to skip the deprivation and restriction of dieting and find a more intuitive, natural way to nourish themselves that I'm creating a series of courses and tools that will be available online very soon.


The first piece of the puzzle is switching your mindset away from dieting. Then, you start building new, sustainable eating habits that work for YOU. 


Check out my FREE resources to get started. 

Click the button below to sign up for access. 

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