Find Your

Food Freedom

Are you ready for a more peaceful, rewarding relationship with food? Do you want to experience a new sense of freedom around food?


Learning mindful eating techniques can help you feel empowered and secure in your ability to choose what and how much food you really want, and how often you need to eat in order to feel truly satisfied. I am here to help you learn these techniques and support you. I know you can do this, and I'd be honored to be your coach through the process.

I currently teach mindful eating in a small-group format. If you have questions about the classes, please reach out to me. I hope to see you in a class soon!

What Mindful Eating FOR ME Class Participants Are Saying

Jennifer B.

Kitty gently takes you through the mindful eating concepts and materials; I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey.

Rebecca H.

The process empowers you to change your relationship with food, and it gives you the tools to accomplish your goals—as well as relevant information and theory.

Kelly M.

Although we talk about very personal feelings in the mindful eating classes, the environment was welcoming and comfortable. I looked forward to knowing I would feel good each time I went to class.

Richard VL.

The Mindful Eating for ME class is very informative and practical. It’s been extremely helpful to me as I deal with the diagnosis and treatment of a chronic disease.

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Mindful Eating Classes

In-person mindful eating classes are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 situation. I hope to be teaching again locally in Maine by fall. In the meantime, check out my new online mini-course called Done With Diets (to be released in summer 2020)

Summer 2020

Are you just

Done with Diets?

You're not alone! So many people want to skip the deprivation and restriction of dieting and find a more intuitive, natural way to nourish themselves that I'm creating a series of courses and tools that will be available online very soon. The first piece of the puzzle is switching your mindset away from dieting. 

Look for my Done With Diets Mindset Makeover mini-course, to be released during summer 2020. 

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