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zip file for the recovery, the ROM file, the Wipe data option and Tutorial.You can use the flash file to install the firmware on your device.. Download it and flash it in 1.Use the following information to help you flash the file on your device 2. Download the APK file for the recovery mode 3. Install the USB drivers for your device 4. Connect the device to the PC 5. Download the Flash Tool 6. Install the Flash Tool.. To flash the firmware on your device, you need a tool called Flash Tool. The Flash Tool downloads the firmware file of the device and flashes it. You can use this to flash the firmware from any phone (Flash Tool support for all Android devices). To use the Flash Tool, your Android phone has to be rooted.. For this guide you will need the 1.5.0-rc1 version of the device firmware installer. The flash tool will support both rooted and unrooted devices. Download file for the recovery mode. You can use any tool to flash the ROM file (like FlashTool or FASTPC).. Rooting your Acer Iconia A200 doesn't require additional software (not even a recovery). You can flash your new ROM directly from the stock ROM using the FlashTool firmware installer.. Here are the steps for flashing the device: 1. Install the flash tool 2. Flash the ROM file with the flash tool 3. Wipe data 4. Flash the recovery with the flash tool 5. Flashing the recovery is optional.. In the official Acer A200 ROM, a few popular apps are pre-installed. This page includes the latest official Acer Iconia A200 ROM firmware available in file for free download.. Get the Bootable ToolboxROM Toolbox.ROM Toolbox is designed to be a bootable ROM.You will have to flash the ROM in Recovery and then wipe data. If you want to revert back to stock, use the restore option in Bootable Toolbox.Get the latest Acer Iconia A200 Factory Stock Firmware ROM from the following location.. We have all the official factory ROM files of the Acer Iconia A200 for you to flash without any complications. Download the Acer Iconia A200 ROMs using the download link below.. For flashing any firmware, you need to use an app called flash tool. The flash tool downloads the firmware of the device and flashes it. Download the Acer Iconia A200 Custom Firmware using the download link below.. For a few devices, flashing the stock firmware



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